Looking for a hairdresser for your child in London?

Sally's Childrens Kids Hairdresser Salon, LondonSally has been cutting children’s hair in London since 1985. From baby’s first haircut to those in their late teens or with special needs, Sally can provide an excellent cut for children of all ages. One of the first children’s hairdressers to open in London, Sally’s Children’s Hairdressers was established in 2006 and has since grown to be a key part of the Northcote Road community.

Nestled in a perfect location on Northcote Road, Battersea and catering for customers in Clapham, Battersea, Wandsworth, Earlsfield and Balham, you will be able to shop and dine out following your child’s haircut. The local train stations are Clapham Junction and Wandsworth Common, in addition to various bus routes.

Recent Childrens Haircuts

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With effect from 1st April 2023 Sally's Childrens’ Hairdresser will be applying a small increase to the pricing of our services to reflect increased operating costs.
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Recent Reviews

Sally's Children's Hairdresser
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Sally is really lovely. Taken my grandaughter now for a few cuts, she looks forwards to going every time.
Sally has a great way with my daughter! We love getting her haircut here.
A lovely experience - will be back!I found the booking system super easy and pricing clear and simple. The salon is clean and well equipped. Sally is absolutely lovely and was so good with my little girl that hates having her hair brushed! She put Izzy at ease and made it a painless experience. Highly recommend!
Wonderful experience with our little one! Would highly recommend and will definitely be coming back
Sally is absolutely brilliant! The genius TV in her salon immediately puts little ones at ease. Sally has a very kind and calm demeanour and is a complete professional. I highly recommend Sally and since finding her would not go elsewhere.
Really good experience for baby’s first haircut!
outstanding service!
Sally is wonderful - she is pure patience and kindness. My son has SEN and used to have massive meltdowns every time he would go to the hairdresser, until I discovered Sally! Now, he LOVES going there! She talks to him so calmly that he stays seated for longer than he does for most other things! I could not recommend more.
excellent.. satisfied customer here
I got my boy’s haircut done by sally and it was great it's been 4 years I'm taking my little one to sally for haircut and it's always been great experience
Sally is quite simply the best children’s hair dresser. She manages any challenges children throw at her with ease and somehow manages to cut hair at the same time. An absolute gem.
Sally is great with kids, she is patient and gentle. This is the 3rd time we are taking our daughter there and we will keep on coming back!
Sally is just lovely and really professional and considering my daughter didn’t want a hair cut I have a lovely picture of her smiling away and swinging her hair back and forth
Response from the owner: Hi Caroline,Thanks so much for the lovely review.I’m glad you both enjoyed the experience.Sally.
Fantastic! Definitely recommend! Will be back again !
First time at Sally’s. Lovely lady & great haircut for my son.
Very happy with our first visit today. Sally is really nice and made my son very comfortable. She is very good and very meticulous. the haircut was perfect. thank you!! We’ll be back.Ciao!
Thank you for being so patient, kind, accepting and humorous with my son today at 4pm. He came out happy and proud of his haircut with no tantrums and a lovely haircut. I can't believe it's taken me so long to find you. See you soon Sally.
Response from the owner: Thank you Nat for your lovely review. It was great to meet you both and I’m so happy that you both had a good experience.Sally
Sally did a beautiful job cutting our little one's hair. More importantly she took the time to make him feel settled, before she even started cutting his hair, by talking to him so calmly and showing him toys that would interest him. This made the world of difference, just allowing him those 5 minutes to settle in, just made the whole experience so much nicer.She was so calm and patient throughout, even allowing him to stop for a feed. We were so happy with the experience and outcome. Thank you so much Sally 💓
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to write a great review.Often little ones need a little time to settle in and he did very well.See you soon.Sally
Amazing!Oli was super happy with his haircut :)Thank you 😊
Response from the owner: Thank you for such a lovely review.I was very happy to style the young man’s lovely locks and I’m pleased he was happy.See you soonSally
Sally is the BEST and most patient hairdresser. Our kids love having their hair cut there and her adorable dog is a bonus to our visit!
Genuine reviewAmazing. 2nd time using Sally. There was a reason for returning. Professional, equipped ( for children definitely) and patience. Couldn’t reccomend her enough. Won’t hesitate to use her in the future.
Friendly, patient and a beautiful haircut - we will be customers long term now!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Nicole for your lovely review.See you soon.Sally
We had our 1 year old son's first professional haircut the other day. And it was perfect!!! We thought that he would be really wiggly and his haircut would be really weird. But thanks to Sally's super calm positive energy, patience, kindness, and of course year's of experience, my son ended up having an amazing haircut. He already received so many compliments😎We'll see her again in couple of months time. We recommend her to all the parents out there 😊
So patient with our twins and little girl! Lovely haircuts at very good prices.
I recently visited Sally for a haircut for my 4-year-old special needs son, and I had an excellent experience. Sally was incredibly patient and understanding of my son's hypersensitivity, and she went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. She offered solutions to help soothe my son and allowed him to take breaks as needed. I truly appreciated her understanding and flexibility. I highly recommend Sally to anyone with a child with special needs.
Everything. It was very relaxed. The children felt immediately comfortable. Sally asked lots of questions and asked to see a photo of when Raffi's hair was how we liked it. And then she gave him a really great haircut. He's 5, and he enjoyed it all. We'll definitely be going back.
She is the best kids dresser in London ❤️
My son had his 1st haircut at 1 year old this week. No tears at all. Sally saved some of his locks for me. Great service.
This was our second visit and Sally made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease, she was watching peppa pig while talking to her. It was a great experience and Sally gave me some good advice on my daughters cradle cap. Will be coming back soon to see you.
My little girl had her first ever haircut this morning and Sally was great! No tears or tantrums-just a happy little girl watching coco melon in the salon chair! Sally put her totally at ease. I would highly recommend!
My previously haircut-hating toddler was calm and didn’t even flinch having his hair cut with Sally. Highly recommend
sally has always been great. my daughter has autism and Sally is patient plays music to calm children down. 10 out of 10 would recommend
Very good with children and too calm them down.
Coped with my suspicious 2 year old wonderfully! It was his first hair cut and he's never liked being 'fussed' about with, but Sally was so patient and has some amazing super human skill where she can cut hair on a moving head! The end result was exactly what I wanted and my toddler was happy to.
Best children hairdresser in London. My daughter loves going to meet Sally each time when having her haircut done.
Absolutely amazing!
Friendly yet professional! Always on time, never had to wait and she is lovely with every age! This was my son’s first haircut at around 1year old and now that we moved to Kent, we still visit Sally as she is the best and the only kids salon I can trust.
Sally is great with my kids, they love sally to do their hair,
We have been going to Sally for a few years now. She is excellent with children and verh sklled with their hair.
lovely sally is very kind and patient
Reassuring and friendly - she was great with our nearly 3 year old
Yet another fantastic experience at Sally’s. My son who is 3 had his haircut on Friday. Sally was calm and patient with him. The haircut is excellent! Thank you and we will be back again most definitely!
Took my son who's nearly 4 to Sally and she managed to cut his hair with very little fuss a few tears but compared to when we have had his hair done before he would have a meltdown kick and scream. she was so patient and didn't rush anything will definitely be returning there again
Absolutely ZERO fuss from my two year old, Sally is clearly a child-whisperer! Great experience
Sally was lovely with my 2 yo. Would recommend to all!
My daughter loves Sally’s and her haircuts are always really good even with a little wriggle here and there in the chair. We live a while away now but will keep travelling back to Sally’s as long as we live in South London.
Absolutely loved our experience at Sally’s. She was so patient with my son’s first haircut at 13 months (and he has a lot of hair!) it was a pleasant experience for him and the haircut looks great too. Highly recommend.
Sally is so wonderful with children and calmly deals with any toddler emotions. My son hates having his hair cut and Sally has always adapted to what he needs and takes her time to give him an excellent hair cut. We have moved out of London but still travel back to Sally!