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Price increase & advanced payment online for all appointments from 1st April

Since the 1st April 2022 Sallys Childrens’ Hairdresser has applied a small increase to the pricing of our services. From the same date, we have adopted online payments in advance for all appointments and the option to pay in-store is being phased out. The cut-off time for cancelling an appointment has changed to 4 hrs before the first appointment start time. Full details are available in our Terms & Conditions.


Child’s Fringe Trim (all ages)

£10 (20 minutes duration)

Child’s Haircut (Under 2 years)

£18 (20 minutes duration)

Child’s Haircut (2 – 5 years)

£20 (20 minutes duration)

Child’s Haircut (2 – 5 years) Thicker/Longer/Restyle

£28 (40 minutes duration)

Child’s Haircut (5 years & above)

£21 (20 minutes duration)

Child’s Haircut (5 years & above) Thicker/Longer/Restyle

£28 (40 minutes duration)

Child’s Wash & Haircut (5 years & above) any length

£28 (40 minutes duration)

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Simply complete the Booking Form above with your details. If you are using a private computer or device, you can have your browser store your login details using a cookie.

You will be sent a registration email (Subject will be “Log in Details for Sally’s Cuts 4 Kids – Please retain this information”) confirming your account creation and log in details for future bookings or cancellations. Please retain the contained information.

Making a subsequent booking?

Use the login facility provided. This will populate the Booking Form with your details at step 4. Login using the email address (or name (username)) and password emailed to you when you made your first booking (Email subject was “Log in Details for Sally’s Cuts 4 Kids – Please retain this information”). If you have mislaid this email or forgotten your password, you can use the reset password button.

Returning customers are recognised by their phone number. When rebooking using the Booking Form above, our system will check the latest name and email address held against the phone number you now provide in Step 4 (Details). If the name and/or email address differ from that held for that phone number, you will get the option to update your details. So if you have recently changed your phone number you will need to update your details when prompted.

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